Monday, December 12, 2011

Stormfront for Blacktivists

A few days ago, I was reading fellow blogger Gucci when he linked to what is either a clever troll or a relative of everyone's favorite mulatto martyr. This guy--assuming that he's not a troll--is one of the few Black nationalists I've ever really seen or bothered to read. Endlessly offended by everything the White man does or says, he represents the golden standard that every pseudo-intellectual African-American should aspire to. I speak, of course, of Abagond.

Where most Blacktivists are content with being more equal than Whites, Abagond is of a special breed. Instead of preaching tolerance and understanding for the elimination of White rassism, he preaches hatred for the White race and demands we recompense Blacks for historical wrongs. Abagond openly admits to being a racist, claiming to vastly prefer any given member of his race over any given member of another--especially Whites.

Hailing from New York, it's strange that someone with such a penchant for truth and moral accountability could live in such close proximity to Blacks and hold the opinions he does. Even if he doesn't associate with Blacks in the big apple, there are tens of thousands of historical and contemporary pieces on the mannerisms of Black people which date all the way back to Middle-Eastern interpretations of their... Culture. He chooses to ignore the reality right in front of his face, opting instead for intense denial and shifting the blame.

Why, you ask, would an otherwise intelligent, thoughtful person deny the obvious nature of his people? It's quite simple: Abigail, in his vehement denial of fundamental truths--i.e., human biodiversity--thinks of himself as his race. If there is something wrong with Black people, then there must be something wrong with him. Again, an otherwise intelligent, thoughtful person would realize that an average is not a reflection of the individual. Abby doesn't believe in such trifles as "averages," because that's just a word racists use to legitimize hate.

I, on the other hand, fully recognize that the law of averages holds true for all races. Traditional bell-curve IQ distribution, as a contingent fact of humanity, is something I can't just ignore. Are there Whites who are just as ignorant and crime-prone as low-IQ Blacks? Sure--I'm related to quite a few. This doesn't mean that I fall under that category, nor does it mean that I should make excuses for those who are.

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  1. "Abigail, in his vehement denial of fundamental truths--i.e., human biodiversity--thinks of himself as his race."

    Very common, perhaps universal, among race-conscious blacks — or should that read "true by definition among race-conscious blacks"...

    White anti-racists, too, will deliberately misinterpret statements about group differences as if they were statements about all ni—uh, I mean, all African Americans. It is a trick. There is only one response:

    "You know smart black people? Congratulations. Please ask them to explain 'averages' to you."