Monday, April 2, 2012

Update 810: There goes the neighborhood

I've always lived in a relatively nice area of Flint. Like the Swiss alps, a few major roads form a sort of barrier between the hood and my hood. However, thanks to various government housing programs, my hood has seen increased diversity these last few years. Since my last post (Feb 2nd) I've enjoyed the benefits of a racially integrated community on two occasions worth noting:

1) Relaxing on one of the first nice, sunny days of the year, some friends and I were driving to a park just a few blocks away from my house. Passing a minor road along the way, I noticed 6-8 young Black men crossing the street at an odd angle--and in formation. I noted the peculiarity of said group to my own as we parked around the block. We had time for a collective shoulder shrug before.... BANG. BANG. BANGBANG. BANGBANGBANGRATATATATATATATATATA. Naturally, we put the car in drive and hauled ass away from the incident. A few minutes later, Flint Police Ops tweeted the details. I never followed up on whether or not the victim (or aggressor) died, but it's worth noting that last year there was a murder two blocks down on the same street. Later that night there was a brawl on the corner, too. Just saying.

2) Yesterday, an acquaintance of mine called to ask if there were any police on outside of his apartment complex. The police had been called about a group of youths with automatic weapons seen attempting a break-in. I happened to be around, so I told him that the coast was clear. He explained that his cousin, an individual of less than reputable character, had engaged in some form of TNB. A carload of thugs were now cruising through the neighborhood flashing guns and asking familiars for his whereabouts. The thugs were caught on the road with their AKs and bad intentions shortly after my acquaintance and I checked his apartment--wrecked and looted. 

Before anyone says anything, I'd like to stress that I could be dead right now. Had a stray bullet from the first gunfight ricocheted the right way, I'd be dead. Had I been standing outside my friend's apartment just five minutes earlier (or the assailants simply waited inside), I'd be dead. Caught in the crossfire. Kaput. Done. Finished.

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  1. Just saying? Please just come out and say it. Blacks are violent criminal savages.

    ANY time there is section 8 housing (our money paying them to live, for free, the same quality of life that White homeowners had to work and pay for) there WILL be violence.

    It's in their DNA.