Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ever the victim...

I was on campus the other day, reading some Gucci, when a man walked into the area and said, "We're having a student discussion in the community room. Free pizza and pop." Never one to turn down a slice of 'za, I decided to check it out. What awaited me was a student discussion on whether black organizations (NAACP, Urban League, etc.) were still relevant, or really needed.

Leading the discussion was a panel of faculty members: a husky black woman, husky black man, and the obligatory pear-shaped white woman--because most true believers of the white woman persuasion take after fruit of some sort. As can be expected of the kind of white woman you see at a black organizing event, she was the most outspoken and hostile towards the racist, misogynistic, patriarchal, male establishment. But not in those words--these ones:

  • "Now, more than ever, we need black organizations. Racism/classism is embedded in our language today."
  • "The seat of power hasn't shifted ... We need equality for women and minorities ... White men have the power."
Essentially, blacks are a smaller part of the whole; a whole which needs to rise up and seize power from evil white men. This is to be expected of the white-woman-diversity-professor type, because they know the root of all evil is white men. What I didn't expect was just how far into insanity this discussion would delve. Not to disappoint, the black woman panelist spoke:

  • "America is NOT post-racial. People like to think it is, because of Obama's election, but it's not. We still have poverty in our community, and we still have crime." 
Let's analyze what was just said: Electing a president for the sole purpose of proving we're not racist just doesn't seem to be enough to prove that there isn't some racist conspiracy. She told this to a room full of students paying for classes with money the were given just for being black. I like to think of it as 'letting them in on the entitlement racket' more than 'letting them know they're oppressed,' in any case. In their heart of hearts, even most true believers know the truth.

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